Thank you for wanting to Speak at PyCon Nigeria!

We are seeking speakers of all experience levels and backgrounds to contribute to our conference program! If you use Python professionally, as a hobbyist, or are just excited about Python or programming and open source communities, we'd love to hear from you. We want you and your ideas at PyCon Nigeria!

Part of our purpose is to generate materials to help with Python education and advocacy in Nigeria and all over the world, so we intend to record all PyCon Nigeria's presentations and release the recordings on our YouTube Channel.

Where to submit your proposal

Sign up for a new account by clicking here.
Head over to your Profile available here and create your profile if not yet created.
Finally, return to your Profile and you should see our “Submit a new Talk” button!

Due to the competitive selection process, we encourage prospective speakers to submit their proposals as early as possible as it allows for feedback prior to the CFP deadline.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission

The Python Community in Nigeria is a vibrant and growing community with an audience of diverse Python experience; from beginners to expert developers. We are therefore looking for talks that will benefit our diverse audience. This means we welcome proposals suitable for beginners, people with somewhat knowledge of Python, very good programmers, and expert programmers.

Everyone who is interested is encouraged to submit a proposal, regardless of experience level. PyCon Nigeria thrives on having talks ranging from introductory to advanced. If you are reading this, and you are interested in speaking at PyCon Nigeria, we want you to submit a proposal.

For PyCon Nigeria this year, talks/workshops revolve around four main categories such as:

General Community:

We encourage the submission of proposals that explore the innovative use of Python in areas such as Generative AI, including but not limited to Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning frameworks, ethical AI development, and AI-powered applications. PyCon Nigeria is the perfect platform to showcase cutting-edge Python applications in AI, share best practices, and discuss the future of Python in an AI-driven world.

For PyCon Nigeria this year, talks/workshops revolve around four main categories such as:

General Python, Web/DevOps:

Emerging Technologies:


And anything else or experience related to Python you might want to share with us, especially as it pertains to the burgeoning field of generative AI and its implications for software development, creative industries, and beyond.

PyCon Nigeria is dedicated to featuring a diverse and inclusive mix of speakers in the lineup. Don't hesitate to send in a proposal.

Before submission, you are expected to have read and adhere to the conference Code of Conduct. In particular for speakers: slide content and spoken material should be appropriate for a professional audience including people of many different backgrounds. Sexual language and imagery are not appropriate, and neither is language or imagery that denigrates or demeans people based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, or body size.

To Speak at PyCon Nigeria, read the Proposing a talk page, sign up and create a speaker profile.