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The Conference will hold at THE ZONE Plot 9, Gbagada Industrial Scheme, beside UPS, Gbagada-Oworonshoki Expressway, Lagos


If you are Driving the Conference center is well mapped. Use the Google Maps Navigation.

Public Transportation: The most straightforword way to get to the venue is take a bus from your originating location going to Oshodi. Make sure to confirm with the driver/conductor they would be taking the route leading to gbagada. Come off at UPS BusStop. The best way is to make use of google Maps from the BusStop to the venue. The venue is less than 1 minute walk from UPS busstop

Other forms of transportation: Bolt and Uber are available in Lagos and very quickly to respond. Put the conference address, (Plot 9, Gbagada Industrial Scheme, beside UPS, Gbagada-Oworonshoki Expressway, Lagos) or Zone Tech Park, gbagada, and the driver would take you directly to the venue


Parking Spaces are available, and security personnels would be on hand to direct everyone attending the conference appropriately


Hotels around the area we recommend is Oakspring and Elegance suites hotel. Both in Gbagada

You can also book a hotel via sites like: WakaNow

or We however encourage you to call the hotel directly to get a booking. We've heard reports of people not being confirmed for a hotel after booking on a 3rd party site.

International Attendees

For international participants traveling from non-ECOWAS countries to Nigeria, preparing for your visit requires careful planning, especially concerning visa applications and travel considerations. Below is essential information to facilitate your travel arrangements:

Visa Application for Business Single Entry Visa (F4A)

Eligibility: This visa category is intended for foreign nationals attending conferences, meetings, and other business-related activities.

Documentation Required:

  • Passport valid for at least six months with at least two blank pages.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds and confirmed accommodation.
  • Return flight ticket.
  • Invitation letter. Please send us an email if you need one

Application Options:

Embassy Application: We strongly advise applying for your visa through a Nigerian Embassy. This method provides personal assistance and can help resolve any issues more efficiently. An alternative is the eVisa application, although it is generally less recommended due to potential complexities.

Visa Validity and Fees:

The visa is valid for up to 90 days from the date of issuance, suitable for single-entry use. Additional fees may be required for biometric capture during the application process.

Apply for Your Visa Here: Nigerian Business Visa Application

Health and Safety

  • Vaccinations: A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for entry into Nigeria. Depending on the latest health advisories, vaccinations for Polio and COVID-19 might also be necessary.
  • Local Preparedness: Be prepared for potential disruptions such as power outages

Consular Assistance

In emergencies, contact your home country's embassy or high commission in Nigeria for necessary support and information.